How Do I Buy Something?

I'm working on adding a shop, but in the meantime, here's how this works:

So, you've looked at all the pictures, and decided you want some art! Or maybe you saw something at an art festival or restaurant, and regret not buying it then. The process will vary depending on what you want, but here's the basics.

First, you contact me (Go to the Contact page). If you are interested in a specific piece of art, it may or may not still be available.  If it is, great! Tell me which page you saw it on, or which event you saw it at, we discuss price, delivery, etc. and everyone is happy.


If the piece is not available, do not fret.  It may still be possible for me to re-create it, depending on the materials used in the original.  At this point, if there are any details you want changed (a larger size, different framing, whatever) we can discuss that.  If I can make, we move forward.  If not, maybe something else caught your eye?

If you like the theme or components of a piece, but want it in a different size or color or frame, then we can talk customization.  Once we agree on a price, for commissioned pieces I usually ask for payment of half up front, and then the rest when it is completed and delivered.  I will send you pictures of a draft before I finalize so you are sure you are getting exactly what you want.

If you want to buy something IMMEDIATELY, you can visit and find lots of different pieces for sale.


The bottle curtains are a different matter.  Those are pretty much always available, and unless the bottles were super rare, I probably have more of them. when you contact me, I list what kind of options you have, you talk about what you had in mind, and where you want it.  If you would like, I can come by your place for a free consultation.

Once I know what size and style you are looking for, we talk about price.  Because this is a fully customizable process, it is hard to say how much it will cost here on the website.  However, a rough estimate would say starting price is around $3 a bottle for standard wine or beer bottles, with prices increasing depending on how specialized the bottles get. If you provide your own bottles or items, the price would be somewhat cheaper.

After an arrangement is made, I go off and do my creative thing, checking in occasionally if any questions come up.  on the appointed day, I show up with your piece and install it to your specifications. We stand back and admire the finished product, you pay me, and everyone goes home happy.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me.

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